Diva's Glam-o-Rama Hair Palace
Tips and Hints on Hairstyling - Keep an eye out for updates - you'll learn as I learn!!
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Wavy Locks
This hairstyle is very easy to do.  Simply divide the hair into sections and braid, securing braids with a small, polymer hair band.  These bands are available in the hair care section of any drug, grocery, or department store.  Keep in mind that smaller braids will result in tight waves, and larger braids will result in loose waves.  Once hair is braided, you'll need a saucepan and a pyrex cup or heat-proof serving spoon to finish the process.  Heat water in the sauce pan until boiling.  Dip your spoon or pyrex cup into the water and carefully saturate braids, making sure that the boiling water does not soak the dolls face - especially if you've already done a repaint.  Hot water can damage the dolls facial paint.  After you've done this several time, you may leave the doll in a safe place to dry.  Some people "finish" the boil perm process by dipping the hair into ice water after the using the hot water.  I've never personally tried this.  I've always been happy with the results from hot water alone.  But do whatever works for you.  After dolls hair is completely dry, carefully undo the braids.  Combing may result in a frizzy look, (which is great if that's what you're going for).  If not, finger style the hair and trim as desired.  Some people use holding spray or spritz, but I've always been happy with good old Aqua-Net.  Not only it cheap, but it holds hair like nobody's business (just ask your grandmother).  Be careful when spraying hair.  Try not to let hairspray get on dolly's face, and spray lightly and evenly to avoid a sticky, white "build-up" 
Short N' Sassy
This style is great for those dolls that sport a more urban, sophisticated look.  I achieved this one by re-rooting the scalp with curly, two-toned hair (available at most craft or fabric stores).  See the articles section for hints on re-rooting.  The hair was a little longer than shoulder length after the re-root, and very, very curly.  With scisors, I cut the curls all around until I had a medium-sized Afro (think Barbara Striesand in "A Star is Born", or Pam Grier in anything during the '70's).  From there, I tapered the hair starting in the back and continuing aournd the sides.  Because of the curly nature of the hair, the "feather" effect came naturally.  The longest length for this hair-do is in the front and the crown of the the head.  Of course, you can go shorter, for a severely "cropped" look, or leave it a little longer in the back for a "pixie" style (popular in the '70's and mid '90's).  The tight curl of the hair eliminates the need for curling, and precise cutting will allow the hair to "feather" (Farrah Fawcett, eat your heart out)!
Classic Up-Do
This style is a classic - it goes great with all of those fancy, embellished ballgowns or "after 5" cocktail outfits (I'm thinking Audry Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's).  This style involves a boil perm and the use of perm style rods (the rollers with the rubber string holding the cap).  Gather hair into a high, tight ponytail and secure with a poly hair band.  Seperate hair into sections and roll using perm rods.  Curls will be smoother if you dampent the section of hair and wrap with "perm papers" (available in the hair care section of your drug/grocery/department store).  Boil perm as described above.  After hair is dry, carefully remove rollers, leaving the "hard" curl intact.  Trim hair to a shorter length, and arrange, tucking ends under the curls with something small and flat (like a metal nail file).  Once hair is styled as desired, trim strays and fly-aways, and spray using your favorite hair fixitive (Aqua-Net for me).  This style may be embellished with beaded ornaments or flowers.  Let your imagination be your guide. 
Standard Beauty Shop Perm
This is not quite what I was going for when I attempted this style.  My mistake was  trying to style the course "bangs" hair fibers instead of removing  and re-rooting them.  But you get the idea of what you can do with perm rods and hot water.  For longer hair (with looser curls), use larger rods.  For shorter hair, use smaller rods.  Don't forget your hairspray!!!!!
Spiral Curls
This style was done using the standard boil perm.  I substituted bobby pins for perm rods to achieve this style.  I did this a year ago and did not fix the curls with spray so they've softened over time.  Be sure to spray to keep curls tight and springy!  Use perm papers with the bobby pins, and roll hair even starting at the bottom of the hair section, and continuing up in a spiral.  Don't allow hair to "bunch" up in one spot on the pin.  Secure pins in hair with poly elastic band.  Boil perm as indicated.  When hair is dry, carefully remove pin from hair and clip any ends that have become "bent" while perming.  Do not comb out curls, instead, arrange as desired with fingers and spray in place.
And Now for Something Different
Here we have three blonds.  Well, two blonds and one platinum white.  But you get the point.  Be creative with hair (we "real" women do it all the time).  The blond on the left is an African-American doll (Christie) with straight white hair (and, to all you X-Men fans, I did not get the idea from Storm!).  The beauty in the middle is Asian.  Since most Asian women have hair that's naturally straight and dark, I gave her hair that is fair and curly (no perm required - hair was curly right from the package).  And the doll on the end is also sporting pale blond hair - a shade not usually found on African-American women.  Although I've got no pics for her, I've got a doll who's in the process of having her hair dyed green to match a fantasy outfit I'll create - someday!  And I've got plans for more "contridiction" dolls, such black micro-braids for a doll with blue eyes and fair skin.  Or you could try molded hair (check out Jim Farone's books for instructions on how to do this).  These gals have no border which they can't cross - for fashion dolls, the sky's the limit!